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Nij dey is a highly rated success coach and therapist and has transformed the lives of many people over the 20+ years of coaching. He started his career as a software engineer, but in his spare time he found himself naturally drawn to coaching and speaking about personal development. After retraining in Life Coaching (with The Coaching Academy) and in therapy, he now coaches full-time and is passionate about getting results for the client. His approach is to resolve a client’s issues at a deeper / root level, so they achieve permanent success. 

Although clients come forward with different challenges, Nij is most often called upon to save a marriage, especially when the couple still love each other but are constantly arguing and cannot resolve their issues by themselves. Many couples attribute them to still being together due to Nij Dey’s coaching. 

His expertise can be applied to a variety of other challenging situations, offering effective solutions for emotional pain (eg – in times of bereavement), emotional trauma and relieving fears, anxiety and panic attacks. Nij has the know-how to help a person find a positive outlook in life, enabling people to find their purpose, improve their money mindset issues and deal with procrastination / motivation issues. If a person wants to erase some negative aspects from their life, Nij has the tools to help people with quitting smoking and removing their phobias. 

Some of his other success stories include resolving:

Emotional pain (eg bereavement)
Emotional trauma 
Fears / anxiety / panic attacks
Money mindset issues
Finding purpose
Dealing with procrastination / motivation
Quitting smoking
Removing phobias

Nij has an international client base and is sought after by those eager to raise their game and thus improve their quality of life. His online programmes include

“Loving yourself is not vanity, it’s sanity” – course
“The success breakthrough” – workshop
“Emotional intelligence” – workshop
“The rules and tools for a great relationship” – workshop

You can contact Nij Dey by booking a free breakthrough call via the website. The call is designed to provide you with valuable insights and is done in complete confidence and is completely non-judgemental. After understanding your needs you will be given some options, and you can decide your way forward from there. Nij will take good care of you. 

Visit for more information on the online courses or to book a call.

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