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Tomas is a professional life coach, business mentor, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and the founder of OK is NOT enough – the core philosophy he uses to coach professionals and entrepreneurs to help improve their performance and lifestyle way beyond just OK.

Tomas has built his reputation through coaching hundreds of clients including industry leaders, billionaire entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley CEOs, rising stars in global corporations and influencers at the top of their game. He also often works with ambitious professionals who are just at the beginning of their personal development journey.

All his clients have one thing in common: an unshakable feeling that they’re capable of being, having, and accomplishing so much more than what they’ve achieved thus far.

Tomas is popular for his natural, methodical, down-to-earth, and direct coaching style that he’s refined through thousands of coaching hours, earning a number of coaching accreditations, completing a degree in Psychology, and nearly two decades of studying and practising personal development.

On top of this, Tomas is valued by his clients for his broad perspective and versatility. He’s coached clients from corporate backgrounds to think more like an entrepreneur and encourages starting entrepreneurs to be more commercially savvy keeping growth and scale in mind. He’s coached busy decision-makers to effectively balance their professional and personal lives to ensure both thrive, and has helped his clients gain a new level of confidence and certainty in themselves.

Tomas has been featured in various podcasts and publications such as GQ and Vice, Virgin, Coach Magazine, and has been a guest on dozens of podcasts including The Unconventionalists. He is a long-term mentor for the StartUp Accelerator, a 12-month business accelerator for start-up entrepreneurs run by Dent Global, who are world leaders in business training.
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